How Will a Face Shield® Protect me?

How will a Face Shield® protect me?

  • Face Shields® can protect you from the sun, wind, dust, bugs, and the cold
  • Prolonged Ultraviolet (UV) exposure can lead to an increased chance of being diagnosed with skin cancer.
  • Alpha Defense Gear Face Shields® come in many different styles for you to create your own unique image

The Importance Of Sun Protection

Skin cancer is primarily caused by too much exposure to the sun and its harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays, and is the #1 most common form of cancer. You can receive too much exposure to the sun in as little as 10 minutes of being outdoors.

Clothing, like Alpha Defense Gear’s Face Shields®, is the best way to ensure 100% adequate sun protection for your body, even more so than sunblock: sunblock wears off, is messy, is expensive, expires, is bad for the environment, and can even cause allergic reactions and rashes.

What are Face Shields®?

Face Shields®, a product of Alpha Defense Gear, are easy to use, and are commonly worn over one’s face and neck area to provide excellent sun protection.
Face Shields®:

    • Made of microfiber and are extremely lightweight and breathable
    • They wick away moisture and dry quickly, reducing skin temperature and maintaining hydration, even in very hot climates
    • With more than 200 designs available, from camo, to skulls, to patriotic styles
    • Protect against sun, wind, dust, bugs, and the cold

How do I wear a Face Shield®?

Face Shields® are very versatile, and can be worn 12+ different ways, from a neck gaiter to a headband. Check out all of the different wearing styles:

What will be your favorite way to wear a Face Shield®?