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The Tactical Shield™ Pack is filled with all of our essential gear. This pack is designed to allow Alpha Defense Co. customers to enjoy some of our products as a great value. Our Tactical Shields are made of premium cotton material, is fast-drying, super-soft, breathable and Moisture wicking, can keep you warm in the winter, keep you cool in the heat or other outdoor elements, protecting your face, neck and head from sun, wind, sand and dust. It is also a great choice for outdoor activities, such as hunting, outdoor shooting, hiking, climbing, motorcycle and paintball. Gear up for any outdoor adventure with Alpha tactical Shields.


 1 Tactical Shield™ ($24.99)
 1 Face Shield™ ($19.99)
 1 Face Shield™ ($19.99)


  • ✓ First Aid Use
  • ✓ Breathable
  • ✓ Stops Cold
  • ✓ 30+ Styles
  • ✓ One Size Fits All
  • ✓ Camping/Outdoor Needs