Alpha Defense Gear was created to fill the gap from manufacturing to customer. Alpha Defense was built on the hard-working American spirit and being a unified family. Built by persevering patriots who are proud to be a part of a veteran-supported company. We offer quality gear at realistic prices™, fast shipping, reliability, and most importantly, for Americans who know they should not have to overpay for the gear they need to get the job done.

Like most of you, we have long had to choose between over-priced gear that breaks the bank or cheap gear that will not survive a long time. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created Alpha Defense Gear to provide quality gear at realistic prices™.

The Game Plan

Alpha Defense Gear sells directly to you online. By doing so, we are able to cut out the middle man, offering premium gear at affordable prices that will leave you worry-free of blood, mud and crud.


Besides affordable prices, QUALITY is our reputation. With a team of over 100 expert designers and manufacturers, we craft all of our stylish garments with practicality for the outdoors in mind.


We produce our own gear from hand-picked factories around the world, in order to tailor high-quality cloth and send apparel to your door. This means we can constantly innovate and make products that enhance your outdoor experience.